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Check out our easy recipes to clean your routine with Just Clean Protein.

Recipe by Erin Modin

"Unsweetened vanilla cashew milk, scoop of protein powder, half a frozen banana, 3 frozen figs and a generous spoonful of almond butter. So freaking good!"

Recipe by Stephanie Eleanor

"Frozen fruit, frozen avocado, plain high fat yogurt, bit of juice and my girls love it! Sometimes i add a bit of coconut oil in too for added fat."

Recipe by Tavia Darcy

"I love my smoothies and a thick frozen milkshake consistency. I use one scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 banana, a fill the rest of my magic bullet with frozen cherries (they are my favorite!!) And top with whatever almond milk I have. Blend until nice and smooth, and enjoy! If I'm feeling extra fancy, I'll turn it into a protein bowl, and top it with hemp seeds, ground flax, buckwheat grouts, and fresh fruit. It helps me with my intense sweet tooth!"

Do you have an amazing recipe to share?

Do you have an amazing recipe to share? We would love to have it.